We accept many different payment Methods:

  1. Net Terms: Please complete a Credit Application form & email to team@tape4backup.com.  Our finance department will start working on it & update you. This process may take a few weeks. Once approved  Tape4Backup.com will offer 30 days credit up to the approved limit.
  2. Credit and Debit cards: We accept all major Credit cards. 
  3. Bank Transfer: This is the preferred mode of payment for most international orders. Once payment is received, Tape4Backup.com will ship the products promptly. 
  4. Telephone: You can call & give us your CC info over the phone, if preferred.
  5. Check: We accept payment by valid checks. Shipments are released only after the check is cashed.
  6. As technology evolves we keep on adding new payments methods like Paypal, Google Pay, Amazon etc.


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