Following are the Results of a Data copy performance for transferring SONY ODA files to LTO Tapes

Data copy performance was measured by the following Hardware and Software

  • Software Used            = UNITEX ArchiveLT  & UNITEX FASTapeLT
                                                SONY ODA Filer
                                                OS standard commands
  • SONY Hardware Used  =  SONY ODS-D380U / SONY ODS-D280U 
  • LTO Hardware Used    =  UNITEX LTO-9 USB Stand alone tape drive(LT90H USB).
  • Tests Performed         =   July, 2023

                    Based on the measurement results, we confirmed that high-speed data copying from SONY Optical Disk Archive Drive Unit to UNITEX USB LTO Tape Drive was possible using UNITEX ArchiveLT and UNITEX FASTapeLT Software. In addition, high speed and reliable data copying was possible in combination with the verification function of the UNITEX Software.

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