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HP LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, C7974A



HP LTO-4 Tapes: Reliable and Efficient Data Storage Solution

HP LTO-4 tapes are a trusted and efficient data storage solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of businesses and organizations. Developed by Hewlett Packard (HP), a leading technology company, LTO-4 tape technology offers high capacity, fast data transfer rates, and robust data protection features for reliable data management.

One of the key features of HP LTO-4 tapes is their impressive storage capacity. These tapes provide a native capacity of 800 gigabytes (GB), allowing for the storage of large amounts of data. With data compression enabled, the capacity can be effectively doubled to 1.6 terabytes (TB), enabling organizations to optimize their storage space and reduce the number of tapes needed for data backup and archiving.

HP LTO-4 tapes offer fast data transfer rates, facilitating efficient backup and recovery operations. They provide a native transfer rate of up to 120 megabytes per second (MB/s), with the potential to reach up to 240 MB/s with compression. The high transfer rates ensure swift and reliable data protection, reducing backup time and minimizing potential downtime in case of data loss or system failures.

To ensure the integrity and reliability of stored data, HP LTO-4 tapes incorporate advanced data protection features. They utilize a robust error correction mechanism that detects and corrects errors during the read and write processes. This ensures data accuracy and prevents data loss or corruption, making HP LTO-4 tapes suitable for long-term data archiving and backup needs.

HP LTO-4 tapes are backward compatible with previous LTO generations, allowing for seamless integration into existing tape infrastructures. This compatibility ensures organizations can leverage their investments in previous LTO technologies while benefiting from the increased capacity and performance of LTO-4.

Data security is a priority for HP LTO-4 tapes, and they offer advanced encryption capabilities. Organizations can encrypt their data before storing it on the tapes, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and protected. This feature is particularly important for industries that deal with sensitive data and need to adhere to strict security regulations.

The durability and longevity of HP LTO-4 tapes are significant advantages. These tapes are designed for frequent use and reliable data storage. With proper handling and storage, HP LTO-4 tapes can maintain data integrity for up to 30 years, making them a reliable choice for long-term data archiving and backup requirements.

In summary, HP LTO-4 tapes offer high storage capacity, fast data transfer rates, robust data protection mechanisms, and backward compatibility. They provide businesses and organizations with a reliable and efficient data storage solution, allowing for secure storage, protection, and management of critical data. With their advanced features, HP LTO-4 tapes meet the data storage demands of organizations across various industries, providing a dependable platform for data retention and archiving.

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Top Reasons To Use Tape Vs Cloud Backup 

  • Store large amounts of data 
  • Long-term data preservation 
  • Ransomware resiliency 
  • Greater ROI vs. the public cloud 
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Sustainability 
  • Data governance 
  • Data sovereignty 

                  If you need to store large amounts of data for extended periods of time, using a On-Premise tape Backup solution has far more advantages compared to Public Cloud Storage.
                  There is considerable cost savings and more options without incurring unexpected charges.

                  HP LTO 4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape, C7974A
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