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DDS-5 Internal Tape Drives

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  • 3603-DAT

    TandbergData DDS-5 DAT72 Internal (USB) Tape Drive Black
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Tape 4 Backup offers DDS-5 tape drives by HP and Tandberg, better known as DAT72 internal drives. They are available in SCSI, LVD (or SCSI 2) and USB interfaces.

Compact Data Backup Technology

DAT-72 is a compact storage solution that stores up to 36GB uncompressed data. USB and other leading drive connectivity options ensure low ownership cost. IT professionals trust HP internal DDS5 format, because it is the best valued tape technology.

  • Excellent reliability with 23 GB/hour
  • Backup performance of 36/72 GB
  • Smooth Scalability
  • Energy & Space Efficient