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Tape Drives Autoloaders

  • Tape Drives Autoloaders
  • Tape Drives Autoloaders

Digital Data can be reliably and efficiently recorded onto the backup cartridges with these high-speed tape drives. Complete range of library, dock station, autoloader, external, internal drive for the market-leading formats:

DAT 320
DAT-160 or DDS-6
DAT-72 or DDS-5
SDLT 600
Super Digital Linear Tape
LTO-3 and more….
Industry-Leading Brands

Hewlett-Packard HP, Tandberg, Quantum, IBM, Imation, and more…

Space-efficient Solution

Choose from the major industry standards of full height FH and half-height HH. IT administrators can install the scalable LTO ultrium and all other data backup solutions with greater flexibility and also as internal or external unit.

Removable RDX disk library, docking stations and drives allow scalability and remarkable compatibility. They can compress your voluminous digital information, and save more space with rack mount installation. Compression capability mostly ranges from 2:1 to 2.5:1. HP StorageWorks and Quantum Scalar have high market share.

Backward Compatibility

This feature provides excellent cost benefits, as users can manage, restore and backup data with their previous generation tapes.

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