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Sony Battery Packs

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    Sony CPELS Battery Power Adapter
    In Stock
  • CPF1LS

    Sony CPF1LS Portable Power Supply
    In Stock
  • CPF2LS

    Sony CPF2LS Portable Power Supply
    In Stock

    Sony CPF2LSA USB Charger with 7,000 mAh Li-lon Polymer Battery
    In Stock

Items 1 to 4 of 4 Items

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Longer battery charge is required by the heavier Smartphone users. Battery doesn’t last longer if you are running multi-media files or playing games.

Sony Battery

  • CPELS, Power Adapter
  • CPF1LS, Portable Power Supply
  • CPF2LSA, USB Charger Pack 7,000 mAh Li-lon Polymer

You can keep your Smartphone charged for longer time duration with Sony battery packs. Portable chargers are a quality decision for keeping the cell phones active for browsing, music, telephony calls and entertainment. So enjoy every moment during outdoors activities or travelling.