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AIT-2 Turbo

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    Sony TAIT2-80N AIT-2 Turbo Backup Tape Cartridge (80GB/208GB Retail Pack)
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    Sony TAIT2-80C AIT-2 Turbo Backup Tape Cartridge (80GB/208GB Retail Pack)
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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Businesses of all corporate sectors face the challenge of saving their operational data without exceeding their allocated storage budget. Medium-small organizations seeking reliable backup system for higher productivity and security choose AIT 2 turbo technology. It meets the demands at economical price.

Backup devices are compact that operate seamlessly with less energy and save more space. Sony first introduced its AIT (Advance Intelligent Tape) in the year 1996 and after its immense popularity, this technology was enhanced to the turbo tape format.


AIT-2 turbo TAIT2-80N tapes render higher data storage capacity so that the IT staff can pack business critical documents (80GB raw per single cartridge) onto fewer cartridges.

Like its predecessor AIT format, this turbo version also compresses files with 2.6:1. Its cost efficient growth path makes it the product option of many companies struggling with financial constraints and rapidly increasing data volumes.


AIT2 turbo drives can record more data (208 GB compressed) at a far superior rate than other technologies.

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The two Sony tapes in this category are TAIT2-80N and TAIT2-80C