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Payment Method

There are five different methods of payment, whether ordering online, by phone, fax or email: On Account, Credit and Debit Cards Bank transfer and check.

  1. On Account: Please complete the Credit Application and Authorization Form. Once Tape4Backup.com has received this form, Tape4Backup.com will apply for an insured credit limit. This process may take up to one week. Once complete, Tape4Backup.com will offer 30 days credit up to the insured limit.
  2. Credit and Debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and/or American Express by means of a secure payment system. The Customer’s card will be charged on the day of the order. This can either be done online or by filling in the credit card form.
  3. Bank transfer payment: Tape4Backup.com offers the opportunity to pay by bank transfer. Payment will be processed when a bank transfer is received .Once payment is received, Tape4Backup.com will dispatch the ordered goods. The processing of off-line payments may take several days.
  4. By telephone: Through Tape4Backup’s customer service at 888.491.4949. If a Customer places an especially high-value order, Tape4Backup.com reserves the right to contact the Customer for further confirmation of order details prior to authorization.
  5. By check: Tape4Backup.com will accept payment by valid checks when the subject funds are credited to Tape4Backup’s account.