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Memory Accessories

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  • 96504

    Verbatim CameraMate SD/MMC Pocket Reader
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  • SDDRK-121-A11M

    SanDisk Mobilemate Duo Micro-SDHC Micro-SD Reader and Memory Stick Micro
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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For data backup and long term availability of critical documents, use flash memory drive. It is the best compact portable solution.

Memory accessories

Electronic memory has been designed in different formats to serve various data protection needs. Multi-media files stored on game consoles, Smartphones and digital high-end cameras can be reliably extracted with memory card reader. Flash USB drives can be used with notebook and PCs like hard disk. That is why it is also called solid state storage appliance.

  • Card reader for micro-SD, SDHC and MMC
  • USB extension cable and hub
  • Universal Dock
  • Pocket reader
  • 4 port Hub
  • Flash drive accessories supporting USB 3.0 & 2.0