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What is LTO Type M?

LTO Type M is an LTO-7 tape cartridge with a special bar code label on it. The label tells the LTO-8 tape drive to format the LTO-7 tape as a Type M cartridge. This upgrades the LTO7 tape capacity from 6 TB native to 9 TB native and can be used in a LTO8 Drive.

This creates a huge storage increase at a lower cost ( compared to LTO8 Tape )

LTO Type M Details

  • LTO-8 Type M is a new format that uses bar codes ending in the suffix “M8” to permit LTO-7 data cartridges to be initialized as “LTO-8 Type M” cartridges with 22.5 TB compressed capacity
  • Initialization occurs automatically, when LTO-8 Type M cartridges are used for the first time in a LTO-8 library or auto-loader
  • LTO-8 Type M cartridges can only be initialized using LTO-8 automation products (LTO-8 standalone drives will not initialize the product as Type M cartridges)
  • LTO-8 Type M cartridges cannot be used with LTO-7 hardware
  • LTO-7 cartridges cannot be re-formatted to LTO-8 Type M once they have been used
  • LTO-8 Type M cartridges cannot be re-formatted as LTO-7 once they have been used