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Good news for fast-growing companies and current LTO customers is that they wont run out of storage capacity, as LTO consortium has delivered as per its ongoing scalable road map. The new LTO 6 tape generation of firmly-established LTO ultrium technology is now available. According to the road map, recording capacity of LTO6 media tape has been extended to 2.5 TB, which is 1 terabyte higher than LTO-5 tape. Another technical advancement in this new LTO-6 tape format is the improved 2.5:1 compression. So the compressed storage capacity will reach up to 6.25 TB. Along with the media capacity enhancement, the drive speed also has been increased over its predecessor. 160 MB/s native speed boosts to an unparalleled 400 MB/second. So deploy few LTO6 media tapes and save massive volumes of data. LTFS (Linear Tape File System), like the previous generation, is also supported by LTO-6. Moreover, IBM, TDK, Sony, HP, Imation, IBM and all famous LTO companies have released their ultra high speed LTO6 ultrium devices.


Low operational cost:

Tremendous storage efficiency and capacity; 6.25 terabyte satisfies the stringent demands.  

Smart features:

Green tape solution that allows media partitioning and delivers highest 2.5:1 compression. Built-in encryption mechanism, and the cost saving 2 generation backward compatibility.

Data Drag-and-drop:

With Linear Tape File system, users can easily move the data onto this LTO ultrium 6 cartridge without any backup software.

Convenient configuration:

More options to install the solution with rack mount. High-speed, compact external and internal LTO-6 drives. Per hour back speed is staggering (1.4 terabytes compressed).