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Backup storage system, which is not only reliable but also delivers superior performance at economical prices, is very important for all organizations. The reason is that they need to manage and preserve customer information and critical databases for long term usage. For high-capacity storage and investment security, integrate the functionally rich LTO5 tape system.

  • Optimize security (encryption 256 bit), protect technology investment and access existing LTO media, including third and fourth generations. 
  • Drives can be connected to host systems with different configurations.
  • High speed tape solution for archiving needs of data intensive companies while ensuring low operating expenses. 
  • Dual partitioning functionality, a breakthrough technology supported by all cartridge brands of this LTO ultrium 5. Famous vendors in addition to LTO innovators Quantum, Hewlett Packard HP, IBM are Fuji, Dell, Maxell, TDK and Imation.
  • Storage capacity per cartridge for the first time increased to terabyte class (for native/compressed). Enormous data volume of 1.50/3.0 TB and the ultra high speed to boost productivity (140/280 Mbps).
  • LTO-5 ultrium devices from the leading innovators of tape technology along with media interoperability provide excellent value and fulfill stringent requirements.