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Popularity of linear tape open (LTO), the versatile high-tech tape format, has increased rapidly. LTO ultrium 4 system not only stores large databases, but also secures them. Encrypting files with 256 bit code and the tamper-proof WORM storage technologies are also available.

HP, FujiFilm, IBM, Sun StorageTek, Quantum, Maxell, Sony and others are manufacturing media tapes.

This generation is best for the high data volume storage demands. Medium scale customers can benefit from its low maintenance cost, uninterrupted access, higher recording density, media interchange and unattended operations.

  • Recording space of this format is 800 GB un-compressed.  Twice the information storage capability of LTO ultrium 3.
  • LTO-4 tape quickly became the top choice of customers. The reason is the enhancement of capacity to terabytes. So, copy a massive 1.60 TB from the busy computing systems.
  • Encryption functionality is ideal for data sharing, as the companies can exchange sensitive information.
  • Faster data rate and easy installation of full/half height drives. 120/240 Mbps backup speed suits all types of midrange servers.
  • Extend data networks and manage them efficiently.
  • LTO 4 tape solution helps government agencies and E-commerce organizations to perform repeated operations of backup storage/retrieval without any fear of overwriting and malicious access.