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LTO-1 Tapes Details

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Security, compactness and compatibility of Linear Tape Open format’s first generation solution is superior and beats other small range backup systems. LTO ultrium 1 is economical format for high-speed storage and the broad range of manufacturers helps strengthen security of demanding environments.

  • 15Mbps minimum processing speed.
  • Highest recording density, fast access and easy installation.
  • LTO-1 media tapes from the technical backup storage experts Quantum, Dell, Fuji, IBM, Sun StorageTek, Sony, HP, Maxell.
  • Advantageous functionality of compression elevates capacity of this tape to 200 gigabytes.
  • Lesser space needed to accommodate the cartridges.
  • Because of the backward media compatibility of LTO1, the companies have choice of up-gradation without discarding these first generation tapes.  
  • Greater durability, fast archiving, portability and low operating expense.  
  • Product choice of data administrators for more than a decade.
  • Convenience of off-site data sharing.
  • Supports all major small-range commercial apps