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NEC Projectors

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  • NECEW1-I

    NEC EXT WARR, 1YEAR, Installtion Projector
    In Stock
  • PX750CM

    Nec Corporation CEILING MOUNT FOR PX750U
    In Stock
  • NP13ZL

    Nec Corporation 1.5 - 3.0:1 ZOOM LENS
    In Stock
  • NP11FL

    NEC NP11FL Wide Angle Lens
    In Stock
  • NP14ZL

    Nec Corporation 2.98 - 4.77:1 ZOOM LENS
    In Stock
  • NP17ZL

    Nec Corporation Short Throw Zoom Lens 1.25 TO 1.79:1 FOR NP-PX750U PROJECTOR
    In Stock

Items 1 to 6 of 6 Items

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If you are looking for a projector then we have a wide range of proven high performance series by NEC. They inherit multiple and diverse appealing features which assist businesses and individuals to cater corporate and personal display needs. Investment protection is ensured after deploying NEC projectors into the most complex and demanding business environments.

Sharp Image Projection

Light output of 3300 ANSI lumen enables to Project a sharp image while in bright rooms with the contrast ratio of 3000:1. So you can confidently deploy NEC projectors to all kinds of rooms and conference halls. They automatically adjust colors according to wall for vivid images even without a screen.

Installation flexibility

You can easily install these projectors on the walls and ceilings without getting worried as NEC installation kits are available for giving you flexibility.

Ease of Operations

NEC projectors are easy to operate as you can take the benefits of computer-free presentation through built-in USB port. The large double-layer maintenance-free filter improves protection against dust. Moreover you can easily connect these projectors to your network as most of the models contain built-in wired and wireless LAN option. These are fast enough to start within 3 seconds after pressing the power button.

Secure and ECO Friendly

Security bar and password protection function allow you to restrict unauthorized use of NEC projectors and OneTouch ECO mode lengthen lamp life.