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17 to 19 Inches

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  • WMK-3257

    NEC Display Solutions WMK-3257 Mounting kit for LCD display - 32" - 57"
    In Stock
  • WMK-4655S

    NEC WMK-4655S Mounting Kit
    In Stock
  • E4U30AA-ABA

    HP EliteDisplay E190i LED Monitor 19"
    In Stock

Items 1 to 3 of 3 Items

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In this category, we have environmentally friendly LCD monitors from the emerging manufacturers of high quality IT products, V7, ViewSonic, NEC, Samsung and many more. Widescreen LCD monitor is precision-engineered, and is ideal for offices and home. Choose the design architecture that suits your environment. V7 LCDs deliver you the best wide viewing angles, longer working life, and high contrast ratio.

These light weight devices are best for desktop and can be conveniently adjusted with movable stands. Users that work for longer hours won’t feel eye strain.