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LCD & Projector Accessories

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  • NP02CV

    Nec Corporation INPUT PANEL COVER(NP-PA500X NP-PA500U NP-PA550W)
    In Stock
  • 12T0698

    Lexmark Serial Adapter for Lexmark 2400 Series
    In Stock
  • SP-4046PV

    NEC Display SP-4046PV 30 W RMS Speaker
    In Stock

    NEC Display KT-LFD-CC Display Wall Calibration Kit
    In Stock
  • NP21LP

    NEC NP21LP Replacement Lamp
    In Stock
  • NP12ZL

    Nec Corporation 1.18 - 1.54:1 ZOOM LENS (NP-PA500X/PA500U/PA5520W/PA600X)
    In Stock

Items 1 to 6 of 6 Items

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All types of accessories for your LCD and multimedia projectors. Large stock of input panel cover, zoom lens, serial adapter, RMS speakers, wall calibration kit, replacement lamp and much more.


Longer Working Life

Enjoy superior quality business presentations, shows and sports with long-lasting projector lamps. Mount kits for all types of fixed home theaters and High definition projectors

  • NP02CV, NEC Input Panel Cover
  • 12T0698, Lexar Serial Adapter
  • SP-4046PV, RMS Speakers
  • KT-LFD-CC, Display Calibration Kit
  • NP21LP, Replacement Lamp
  • NP12ZL, Zoom Lens