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G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle 24TB 4-Bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID Array with Two ev Bay Adapters

Part No.: 0G10146
Manufacturer: G-technology
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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    Built for easy travel between on-site locations and studios, the G-SPEED Shuttle 24TB 4-Bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID Array from G-Technology delivers storage for demanding workflows, such as 4K, 8K, high dynamic range (HDR), and high frame rate (HFR) footage. Its sustained data transfer rates of up to 500 MB/s allow users to edit multi-camera footage in real time, render multi-layer effects, and export efficiently. Featuring an overall capacity of 24TB, which is split between two 12TB 7200 rpm Enterprise-class SATA 3.5" hard drives, this array comes pre-configured as RAID 0, which provides performance benefits but no data redundancy. It is also compatible with RAID 1, which provides 1:1 data redundancy, and JBOD. Please be aware that if you configure the G-SPEED Shuttle as a RAID 1, its capacity will be cut in half, since one drive will be used for 1:1 data redundancy.


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