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4 TB Desktop Hard Drive

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  • 0G02484

    G-Technology 0G02484 G-RAID GRADU3PB40002BDB DAS Array - 2 x HDD Installed - 4 TB Installed HDD Capa
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  • 0G02289

    G-Technology 0G02289 G-RAID GRATHNB40002BAB DAS Array - 2 x HDD Installed - 4 TB Installed HDD Capac
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  • 9000271

    LaCie 9000271 2big Network Storage Server
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  • 0G01868

    G-Technology 0G01868 G-SPEED ES PRO 4BAY 4TB 12GB
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Items 1 to 4 of 4 Items

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Offsite data storage is essential because the laptop & PC users can’t trust their systems’ hardware. These high-capacity 4TB desktop or external HDD disk can help retrieve data if there is any hardware malfunctioning.

Reliable archiving

The USB 3.0 & 2.0 hard drives ease backup with super-fast connectivity. Laptop users having problems with data retrieval can easily restore information from external HDD. Massive 4 TB capacity of HP, Hitachi, LaCie and Seagate hard drives facilitates users to secure digital information from multiple systems. Users can confidently carry these devices.