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Operational data if left unsecured can lead to many problems for any organization. Tampering or unavailability of business critical data is even worse than losing any other company asset. Many IT professionals, computer operators and data administrators at SMBs rely heavily on Digital Audio Tape. Scalable generations strengthen security and DAT users won’t have to spend hefty amount when they up-grade their system.

  • DAT-72 generation is developed for those workgroup and small range customers that are struggling with complex computing environment and cannot integrate the traditional bulky devices.
  • Finer storage medium enables these DDS-5 tapes to protect high-volume of 36 GB.
  • Operate all brands of this DDS5 media category including Maxell, Fuji, Sun StorageTek, TDK, Sony and others with drives developed for DAT72 and its latter DAT-160 version. So the backup security and overall storage performance seamlessly elevates to the highest level.
  • Transfer higher volume of 46.7 gigabytes in the fastest time period of only one hour.
  • The body of these tapes is made from durable material, so they can tolerate un-intentional drops.