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DDS-2 Tapes Details

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Every company requires a backup system as none of them want disruptions in their routine activities. They face problems of malicious data tampering and their critical system’s performance is degraded by viruses.  SMB segment is protecting their server databases with Digital Data Storage (DDS), which can connect to variety of systems and allow data sharing with their portable tape cartridges.

DDS-2 generation is most suitable for the low-budget companies in the fast growing small industry. It is a better option that traditional formats as users won’t have any problem while upgrading their backup capability.

  • 4 GB/ 8 GB capacity
  • Leading brands for excellent storage security. Choose from the best range of Maxell, HP, Fuji and Sony tapes.
  • Fast writing speed for your critical systems. 0.6MB/sec and with compression feature users enjoy 1.2MB/s.
  • DDS 2 drives operate their predecessor DDS1 media as well.
  • The drives operate functions of read/write with helical scan technology.
  • In addition to the improved capacity, DDS2 media has maintained its compactness