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VXA 2 Tapes

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  • 11100106

    Exabyte VXA-V Data Cartridge 20/40 GB
    In Stock
  • 11100121

    EXABYTE 11100121 VXA-V23 80/160GB 230M Data Cartridge (Discontinued)
  • 24R2137

    IBM 8mm VXA-2 80GB/160GB 230m Backup Tape (Retail Packaging)

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Items 1 to 3 of 3 Items

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V Tape was the first version of VXA cartridges released for use with VXA-1 and VXA-2 Packet Drives and autoloaders. V Tape for VXA-1 drives are made from PET-based substrates of 6.4 micrometer thickness in lengths of 62m (V6), 120m (V10) and 170m (V17) which is compatible with all VXA1 and VXA2 drives. Capacities are up to 33 GB (native) and 66 GB (compressed), similarly, transfer rate for first generation tapes may go up to 3 MB/s (native) and 6 MB/s (compressed). Tape4Backup offers Exabyte VXA V media cartridges compatible with first & second generation tape drives and autoloaders.

  • Exabyte 11100106
  • IBM 24R2137