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Travan TR-5 Tape

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  • CTM20

    Certance Travan TR-5 10GB/20GB Data Cartridge
    Out of Stock
  • C4435A

    HP Travan TR-5 Data Cartridge 10/20 GB
    In Stock
  • 12115

    Imation Travan TR-5 Data Cartridge 10/20GB
    In Stock

Items 1 to 3 of 3 Items

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High Performance Data Protection Format

All Travan TR 5 media cartridges are cost efficient medium for the long term data security of small range computing devices. Rigorous tests of the world famous Imation, Quantum & Hewlett-Packard ensure that the tape cartridges of TR5 Travan generation perform seamlessly for 20 years. Improved capacity of 10/20 GB

  • Quantum CTM20
  • HP C4435A
  • Imation 12115