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Turtle Small Multimedia Case

Manufacturer: TURTLE
Condition: New
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Features Overview


    For longer working life and efficient tape media handling, this Turtle multimedia transport case is the best economical option. The users can preserve backup cartridges of mixed formats, thus providing excellent choice to the customers.

    You can preserve the following combination with this MINI-MULTI storage solution:

    • Up to 6 LTO ultrium, SDLT or the renowned DLT tapes.
    • VXA, AIT or 8mm (10-15 cartridges)

    This transport box has innovative pad lockable feature. For reliable protection, it is recommended that the tape should first be packed in plastic jewel cases.


    Additional Information

    Main Specifications
    Manufacturer: Turtle
    Product Name: Turtle Small Multimedia Case
    Product No: MINI-MULTI
    Color: Red
    Dimensions: 17.5"L x 14.25"W x 6.25"H
    Weight: 2 lbs

    5-6 combined DLT and/or LTO cartridges or .....

    10-15 combined 4mm and/or 8mm/AIT/VXA cartridges

    Type: Storage Csae
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