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Imation 13GB/26GB SLR32 Backup Tape

Part No.: 45640
Manufacturer: Imation
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Features Overview


    Imation incorporated ultra fine tape reel to extend the useful life of its SLR-32 backup media. The data cartridges were introduced with part no. 45640.

    Impressive native/compressed storage

    13GB raw capacity of SLR32 generation tapes makes it a compelling option for offices with constrained media storage space. This Imation cartridge doubles the recording density with file compression technology. So, the users can preserve 26GB data and enjoy trouble free scalability with SLR format.


    Additional Information

    Product Specification

    Product Description

    Imation SLR 32 Data Cartridge 13/26 GB


    SLR - SLRtape32

    Tape Cartridge


    Tape Length

    1200 ft Storage

    Media Included Qty


    Native Capacity

    13 GB

    Compressed Capacity

    26 GB

    Drive Support

    SLR-32 (MLR-1)

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