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RDX 500 Cartridges

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  • MR050-A01A

    Quantum MR050-A01A 500GB RDX Removable Disk Cartridge
    In Stock
  • Q2042A

    HP Q2042A 500GB RDX Removable Disk Cartridge
    In Stock
  • 27127

    Imation 27127 500GB RDX Removable Disk Cartridge (Replaced by: 8541-RDX)
    Out of Stock
  • Qty


    Tandberg 8541-RDX 500 GB RDX Technology Hard Drive Cartridge - 1 Pack
    $120.00 / $118.00
  • 28947

    Imation 28947 RDX 500 GB Hard Drive
    Out of Stock
  • 46C5379

    IBM 46C5379 RDX Cartridge, 500 GB/1 TB

    Price: Call

  • 7380-AC1-5709

    In Stock
  • TR050-CTDB-S1BA

    Quantum 500GB RDX Black USB Tabletop Kit (Docking Station and a 500GB Cartridge)
    In Stock
  • 362550Y

    RDX 362550Y 500GB USB 3.0 DOCK 500GB Cartridge
    In Stock
  • 46C2654

    IBM 46C2654 Corporation RDX 2.0 Docking Station
    In Stock
  • 46C2657

    IBM Corporation RDX USB 3.0 Docking Station and 500GB Cartridge Bundel
    In Stock

Items 1 to 11 of 11 Items

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RDX backup disk format offers an unmatched media choice with its different capacities. These 500 GB RDX removable disk cartridges are durable. Multiple RDX disk brands including HP, Quantum and Imation provide a perfect solution for the broadest range of small networks.

Brands of 500GB disk

IBM, Quantum, Imation and HP

More connectivity options

The dock stations are engineered to work seamlessly with USB 2.0, whereas the new USB 3.0 interface is also available. Reliability of these disc cartridges will not degrade if they accidentally fall down from 1-meter height. Storage/retrieval process is easy and fast as the system allows data drag-drop along with random access.