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QIC DC6250 Tapes

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    Imation DC6250, 5.25 in. Unformatted, 250MB, 1020 ft.
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    Verbatim DC 6250, QIC-120/150
    In Stock
    $28.00 / $27.95

Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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The QIC DC6250 tapes are for use with 5.25” tape drives. These tapes are similar to the ones used in cassette players and their capacities range from about 50 MB to 250 MB native transfer rates. Popular in the 1980s they for their fast data access and writing capability they are no longer commonly in use. This Quarter-Inch Cassette (QIC) Tape is now more of a novelty having long since been superseded by more advanced, higher capacity, higher transfer rate tape products.