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5.25in 8.6GB Cartridges

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  • C7986A

    HP 8.6 GB WORM Optical Disk (2048 Bytes per Sector)
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  • CWO8600C

    SONY WORM Optical 14X Disk
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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Most suitable I.T environments for MO magneto optical format are government agencies, health care, multimedia and busy data centers. R/W rewritable MO disks provide fastest access, whereas the robust security of WORM (write once read many) eliminates the headaches of malicious corruption. These compact discs reliably house massive 8.60GB information.

Multiple magneto disk brands

Sony, HP and all other optical media are portable and shock-resistant. So copies of data can be stored away from the IT center. Exceptional 14x disk speed and increased bytes per sector make it a quality decision for low-budget and data-intensive customer needs.