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5.25in 650MB Cartridges

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    Verbatim 650MB R/W 5.25" Magneto Optical Disk
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Data protection needs intensify and become more challenging in E-commerce environment. So the IT administrators demand user friendly and compact systems for storage and data sharing. This Magneto disk optical solution is the answer to widest range of workstations/servers.

  • It features 5.25 inch format and works excellently with 1800RPM to 3600RPM speeds.
  • This MO optical disk is shock resistant and delivers superior working life exceeding 200000 load/unload cycles.
  • Single magneto disc retains 650MB information.
  • Verbatim, IBM, Sony and other leading optical disk brands.
  • Increased tracks allow this durable media to save voluminous digital information.