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5.25in 5.2GB Cartridges

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  • 88146J

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  • EDM5200CWW

    SONY Magneto Optical 8X Disk
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  • CWO5200CWW

    SONY WORM Optical 8X Disk
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Items 1 to 3 of 3 Items

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For efficient and reliable recovery/management of valuable information, optical magneto is an economical format. It satisfies the numerous specific needs with its compact and multiple-capacity MO disks. These high capacity magneto disks, designed by leading manufacturers (Verbatim, Sony, HP, Philips etc.), provides most stringent security.

Capacity Range

5.2GB data storage means the entire sensitive datasets from the critical systems can be easily preserved on fewer MO optical discs. Excellent quality standards from all brands and the option of WORM storage discs. Super fast archiving as this technology features random access.