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SONY WORM Optical 5.25 8X Disk

Part No.: CWO4800CWW
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Features Overview


    Sony MO disk, part no. CWO4800CWW, is designed for smart breakthrough storage/retrieval functionality based on magnetic and laser technologies. This optical disk is a big hitter for data longevity and fast access in busy IT environments. This MO optical format transmits the files at exceptional rate of 6Mbps.

    Data Authenticity

    Sony CWO4800CWW is a compelling magneto medium for investment security and convenient management of large digital data. It has a staggering useful life (1 billion reads). In addition to the fast 8x-speed, this MO disc copies data in write-once format, known as WORM technology.


    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Part Number:
    Product Name: SONY WORM Optical 5.25 8X Disk
    Technical Information
    Tape Technology: Magneto Optical Media
    Media Form Factor: 5.25"
    Native Capacity: 4.8 GB
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