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5.25in 4.8GB Cartridges

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  • CWO4800CWW

    SONY WORM Optical 5.25 8X Disk
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Magneto optical is an outstanding disk storage format for sensitive financial records, sophisticated multi-media documents and many other demanding network apps.

Super fast random access of this 5.25-inch optical media delivers unmatched data reliability with large-scale libraries and information-intensive systems. These removable MO disks ensure convenient media handling along with safe off-site storage.

Higher recording density

Long-lasting magneto MO discs from Sony, Philips, Verbatim and other manufacturers mostly have 50 year storage life. Single disk squeezes 4.8GB digital data.

WORM media

In addition to the traditional R/W medium, this MO solution also has exceptional range of “write once read many” discs.