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5.25in 4.1GB Cartridges

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  • 590610

    Maxell Magneto Optical MO 4.1GB R/W 5.25"
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  • 81PDO

    PHILIPS Magneto Optical (MO) - R/W - 5.25" - 4.1GB
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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Magneto optical is a popular disk storage format that surpasses other storage media with its unprecedented data longevity and impressive capacity range.

Advantageous Features

Offsite disk storage needs can be met with complete peace of mind. MO disc’s robust surface ensures reliable disaster recovery. Storage efficiency does not decline if you are operating in dusty environment. Remarkable data volume up to 4.1 GB can be recorded for long term protection.

5.25-inch is a compact physical size that makes MO magneto the most space-efficient optical technology. Brands of disks at being offered are Sony, Philips and Maxell.