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5.25in 2.6GB Cartridges

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  • CWO2600CWW

    SONY WORM Optical 5.25 4X Disk
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  • 92290F

    Hp 2.6GB WORM 5.25" 4X Magneto Optical Disk
    In Stock

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  • 92280F

    Hp 2.6GB R/W 5.25" 4X Magneto Optical Disk
    In Stock

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Items 1 to 3 of 3 Items

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Magneto optical disk is a leading-edge format that has revolutionized the storage media industry. MO drives are formulated with smart features of magnetic and laser techniques.

Optical disks are designed with remarkable capacity range that efficiently squeezes the massive data volumes in variety of storage environments. These slim MO discs retain 2.6GB information, and reliably capture digital data files at 4x (writing speed).


Quality and robustness of magneto disks from HP, one of the leading manufacturers, exceed the rigid standards of ANSI, IEC and ISO. Other durable brands are Philips and Sony.

Working life

Dust and scratches do not degrade its performance. Operates excellently with variety of data rich apps and offers choice of R/W and WORM media.