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5.25in 2.3GB Cartridges

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  • CWO2300CWW

    Sony 2.3GB WORM 4X 5.25" Magneto Optical Disk
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Physical size of these durable MO disks is 5.25 inch. They are widely used for long term storage needs in telecommunication, medical, business and other data-intensive industries. The optical drives use two intelligent laser and magnetic technologies to perform storage/retrieval operations. So the demanding IT centers can backup, share and secure data assets with confidence.

Compact, durable magneto technology is the right solution to the multi-media file archiving and high speed libraries. Compelling choice of rewritable R/W and WORM-enabled discs.

Optical media space

Data storage capability of these magneto MO 5.25-inch disks is 2.3 GB.

Magneto 2.3GB disk’s leading brands

Maxell, Philips, Sony, HP