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Fujifilm 16495661 - 6TB LTO Ultrium 7 Worm Barium Ferrite data tape cartridge

Part No.: 16495661
Manufacturer: Fuji
Condition: New
Availability: Coming Soon
Features Overview


    Barium Ferrite is a type of magnetic particle which can be greatly reduced in size to improve recording density without magnetic signal loss. Barium Ferrite can maintain critical magnetic properties such as coercivity, frequency characteristics and lower noise even with a smaller particle size, resulting in the LTO Ultrium 7 cartridge having dramatically higher capacity compared to past generations of LTO cartridges. Barium Ferrite is chemically stable (already oxidized) and does not get easily demagnetized by outside energy interference. Therefore, magnetic tape using Barium Ferrite can achieve a long archival life of more than 30 years based upon Fujifilm?s accelerated life tests. With better frequency characteristics than metal particles, Barium Ferrite has a significantly increased margin of recording capability even when the ability of the drive head has diminished after repeated use.


    Additional Information

    Manufacturer FujiFilm
    Manufacturer Part # 16495661
    Tape Format LTO Ultrium 7 Worm
    Native Capacity 6TB
    Compressed Up to 15TB (assuming 2.5:1 Compression)
    Data Rate 300 MB/s / Up to 750 MB/s Compressed
    Tape Technology Barium Ferrite (BaFe)
    Tape Length 960 meters
    Archival Life 30 Years
    Load/Unload Cycles 20,000
    Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty by Fujifilm
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