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Sony LTX2500G LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB/6.25TB (Metal Particle)

Part No.: LTX2500G
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: Limited
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Qty Price:(20+) $25.95
Features Overview


    Sony LTX2500G, LTO ultrium 6 cartridge is perfect for network backups, midrange servers, and long term storage. Sony LTX2500G tape can house greater amount of information (2.5 terabyte). This Sony LTO6 tape cartridge supports the blistering 160 MB/sec data rate. The tape cartridge can retain an outstanding 6.25 TB un-compressed data. You can count on this media cartridge for quick data access and assures fast archiving through its memory chip technology. This compact and in-expensive Sony LTO-6 is ideal medium for all types of large/medium businesses. This tape cartridge features fine magnetic particles and has an exceptional useful life.

    • Overall performance and media quality have been significantly enhanced to support super fast operations (400Mbps in compressed mode).
    • Performance and storage efficiency are maximized as you can preserve native data of 2.5TB.
    • Sony has improved media coating and introduced finest metal particles to boost track density of this durable LTX2500G cartridge, which features the intelligent LTO-6 technology.
    • It has been engineered to hold the growing volumes of business data. 400Mbps speed is perfect for fast paced companies.
    • Searching and data management is easy and fast, as the users can easily partition the tape into two areas.
    • This small Sony tape has achieved its massive capacity through enhanced track density.


    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: Sony Corporation
    Part Number: LTX2500G
    Product Name: Ultrium LTO-6 Data Cartridge
    Product Type: Data Cartridge
    Technical Information
    Tape Technology: LTO Ultrium - LTO-6
    Storage Capacity: 2.50 TB (Native)/6.25 TB (Compressed)
    Drive Supported: LTO Ultrium 6 (Read/Write)
    Labeled: Yes
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 0.8"
    Width: 4.1"
    Length: 4.0"

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