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Imation 29133 LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB/6.25TB WORM (Metal Particle)

Part No.: 29133
Manufacturer: Imation
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Features Overview


    This Imation LTO6 tape has an additional feature known as WORM. Part number previous Imation rewritable tapes is 29080, whereas this Imation LTO ultrium 6 cartridge offers same capacity (2.5 terabyte raw) plus the write once read many feature. This cartridge feature 29133 part number. It delivers excellent tracking accuracy and ensures consistent streaming at 160MB/second. It boosts storage performance and is excellent tape medium for LTO-6 devices. On this tiny cartridge, 6.250 terabyte information can be stored. Thinner media enclosed in strong cartridge, keeps the data safe during high workloads and offsite transportation.

    • This compact cartridge, part number 29133, features greater robustness and track density over prior generation.
    • The impressive 400 MB/s speed is perfect for high duty cycles.
    • Improved 2.5:1 compression capability, so pack more data, enhance media monitoring and enjoy longer load/unload cycles up to 20,000. A solid platform is provided by this LTO ultrium 6 technology for heavy workloads.
    • Partitioning functionality has been incorporated along with the smart LTFS (Linear Tape File System). The stringent data protection needs can be met for the storage intensive companies.
    • Stored data can be quickly retrieved, whereas the superior file control system boosts the overall efficiency.
    • Servo writing is the intelligent functionality designed by Imation for fast precise data storage/retrieval. So data can be reliably transferred and read from these tapes.


    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: Imation Corp
    Part Number: 29133
    Product Name: Ultrium LTO 6 WORM Cartridge with Case
    Product Type: Data Cartridge
    Technical Information
    Tape Technology: LTO Ultrium - LTO-6
    Storage Capacity: 2.50 TB (Native)/6.25 TB (Compressed)
    Tape Length: 2775.59 ft Storage
    Drive Supported: LTO Ultrium 6 (Read/Write)
    Labeled: No
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 0.8"
    Width: 4.1"
    Length: 4.0"

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