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Imation 29080 LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB/6.25TB (Metal Particle)

Part No.: 29080
Manufacturer: Imation
Condition: New
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Features Overview


    This 29080 is the dependable storage tape for the sixth generation “Linear Tape Open” systems. For better stability and fast operations, Imation incorporated 3-piece spool in its high capacity cartridge. In addition, it stands apart with smart servo writing technology. LTO-6 is a low-cost storage system that has gained exceptional popularity with its unique tape partitioning, drive level encryption and the LTFS features

    • Cartridge has been robustly designed with innovative corner snap
    • Debris cannot enter this Imation 29080 cartridge, thus extending the working life.
    • The tape reel moves seamlessly and the drives can accurately read/write data.
    • Preserve massive data (2.5 TB raw) and enjoy the benefit of thirty year archival life. Lesser tapes can handle the workload of voluminous company data.
    • Stress is distributed evenly over the storage medium, so that drive head can precisely read/write information from the entire tape reel.
    • It is compatible with LTO6 based hardware.
    • 256 bit encryption, which is the most superior security solution of this backup system.
    • Choice of W.O.R.M enabled tapes as well.
    • Media formulation is ideal for heavy duty usage.
    • Copy data files (up to 6.25TB) from the hard drives of medium range servers


    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Imation
    Manufacturer Part # 29080
    Product Description SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server
    Category Networking applications
    Platform Windows
    Category Networking applications
    Platform Windows

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