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9840 Cleaning cartridges

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    Imation 9840 Enterprise Cleaning Cartridge
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9840 Enterprise tape version has attracted many IT managers (small business segment) looking for high speed, affordable and compact system for backing up company data. Fastest access to the stored information (average 12 seconds).

Smooth up-gradation
In addition to the smooth operations, the Enterprise 9840 technology extends your investment with the help of its scalable path. When you migrate to the next Enterprise system, the data backed up on the existing tape media can be accessed seamlessly. 9840 Enterprise tapes from Sun StorageTek and Fuji are a quality decision for preserving workstation data.

Tape capacity
20 to 40GB storage (uncompressed).

Reliable backups for compressed data files at an impressive rate of 3:1.

Data Integrity
For secure distribution of company data, the Enterprise customers can confidently backup data on the WORM (write once, read many) media. Raw processing speed is 10Mbps.