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Fujifilm 3592 JA Enterprise Tape Cartridge

Part No.: 15528423
Manufacturer: Fuji
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Features Overview


    If your I.T staff has to preserve, secure and share large data amount, then Fuji is no doubt the best brand that delivers highly durable storage solutions. Fuji 15528423 is the high-density media representing the popular medium/small range Enterprise tape family. This cartridge accelerates the data flow in the IBM 3592 tape drive environments as well.

    • Impressive 900GB capacity and the unprecedented streaming speed of 110MB per second are perfect for companies facing financial constraints and increased burden of large data volumes.
    • Fuji 15528423 is the product choice of many medium/small segments customers as it facilitates them to squeeze 3 times larger databases in the same shelf space. This powerful feature is 3:1 data compression.
    • Cost effective growth, superior media compatibility and greater storage efficiency are the advantageous attributes of this Enterprise technology. Furthermore, the format is renowned for low power consumption.
    • Nanocubic is the Fuji’s leading-edge formulation that enables the drives to quickly move the tape reel and seamlessly track data at 110MB/sec.
    • 3592 Enterprise format comprises of long-lasting rewritable cartridge and highly secure WORM tapes.

    Additional Information

    Main Specifications
    Manufacturer: Fuji
    Product Name: 3592 Ja Data Cartridge
    Product No: 15528423
    Height: 1.0"
    Width: 4.9"
    Depth: 4.3"
    Storage Capacity: 300 GB (Native)/900 GB (Compressed)
    Type: Data Cartridge
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