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Imation 3590E Color Barcoded Black Watch tape

Part No.: 40882
Manufacturer: Imation
Condition: New
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Features Overview


    Data administrators working with 3590e Enterprise tape systems can reduce backup storage time and quickly extract large data files with Imation’s 40882 cartridge. Thanks to the innovative media formulation of Imation, the IT staff won’t have any problem of compatibility with 3590e drives.

    • Imation 40882 is not only compact, but also incorporates a durable storage medium for heavy workloads and fast archiving.
    • Exceptional 20/40 GB capacity has enabled the small-scale companies to work efficiently with fewer tapes.
    • In addition to the improved staff productivity, companies also benefit from its low operating expense.

    Additional Information

    Main Specifications
    Manufacturer: Imation Corp
    Product Name: Black Watch Magstar Data Cartridge
    Product No: 40882
    Tape Technology: 3590E
    Compressed Storage Capacity: 40 GB
    Native Storage Capacity:: 20 GB
    Tape Length: 2070.21 ft
    Type: Data Cartridge
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