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IBM 3570 Enterprise Tape Cartridge Cleaner

Part No.: 05H2463
Manufacturer: IBM
Condition: New
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    The IBM 05H2463 is a cleaning cartridge. The IBM 05H2463 is for use with 3570 enterprise tape drives. Cleaning cartridges such as the 05H2463 are absolutely necessary and the evidence lies in the fact that if cleaning tapes such as the 05H2463 are not used then tape drives will start deteriorating and may eventually stop functioning altogether. This is due to the dust and grime which collects over the tape drives read/write heads causing performance to decrease.


    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: IBM
    Part Number: 05H2463
    Product Name: IBM 3570 Conductive Abrasive Cleaner
    Product Type: Abrasive Cleaner
    Technical Information
    Tape Technology: Abrasive Cleaner
    Capacity: Up to 100 Cleanings
    Features: Fits IBM 3570 Drives,Dry Cleaning A,Tape Replacement Indicator
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