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3570 Enterprise Tapes

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  • 08L6187

    IBM 3570 Enterprise Tape Cartridge
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  • 08L6663

    IBM 3570 Enterprise Tape Cartridge
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  • 08L6663L

    IBM 3570 Enterprise Tape Cartridge
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  • 05H2462

    IBM 3570 5GB Enterprise Tape (B Format)
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  • 05H2463

    IBM 3570 Enterprise Tape Cartridge Cleaner
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Items 1 to 5 of 5 Items

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Valuable data files on your network servers can become inaccessible or corrupted if the hard drive crashes. Moreover, other major reason is the malicious viruses. Business enterprises face even bigger problems and have to pay hefty penalties as the government agencies dictate long term data security. IT managers can prevent such disasters by installing backup system.

3570 Enterprise is the durable technology based on tape storage format. If efficiently caters the needs of small firms. So the budget constrained organizations looking for rugged, fast, easy-to-use and reliable medium for backup storage can integrate this 3570 Enterprise technology with confidence.

  • Impressive capacity range reaching 15GB (compressed mode). In addition, the broad Enterprise tape generations facilitate users to extend storage operations.
  • IBM is the leading Enterprise 3570 media brand.
  • Data is reliably copied onto the media. The drives perform data write operations at 21Mbps.
  • The drives’ 3:1 compression capability is more superior to its competitor tape-based technologies that double the speed and data rate after compression.