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3490 Enterprise Tapes

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    Imation 3490E Enterprise Tape Cartridge
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    Imation 3490E 810MB Royal Gaurd Tape Cartridge
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    Imation 3490E Enterprise Tape Cartridge
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  • 09G4494

    IBM 3490E Enterprise Tape Cartridge
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    Imation 1/2 inch Cartridge 3490E 800MB
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Items 1 to 5 of 5 Items

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For all business enterprises, security and fast access to operational data/client information is essential for smooth running of routine business activities. Small range companies that have incorporated time-critical applications can efficiently copy and preserve data in smaller footprint. All of these attributes plus other superior benefits are offered by 3490 Enterprise tape technology. It is the improved version of 3480 Enterprise format, which delivered 200MB capacity. This format is most suitable for small firms as they can enjoy cost effective data protection up to 400 MB.

Durable solution

More advanced, rugged and space efficient than the previous generation. In addition to higher storage space, the 3490 Enterprise tape system is faster and streams data files at 20 MB/s.

Durable base film accurately records and restores data files even if the drive accesses it multiple times.

Cost benefits

Tape drives are designed to extend usability of your Enterprise cartridges, Backward compatibility contributes to the superior cost efficiency.