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Enterprise Tapes

  • Enterprise Tapes

Midrange/small segment customers seeking inexpensive and intelligent solution for data recovery can satisfy these needs with Enterprise backup tape technology. Variety of tape versions for demanding storage environments. Like the other leading DLT and LTO ultrium formats, the Enterprise solution features the half-inch media tape technology.

Capacity offering

3480 series is the first Enterprise generation that stores 200MB data.The next generations 3490 and 3490E Seriesaccommodate 400MB and 800MB information respectively. After remarkable success of these versions, the 35 series was introduced. 3570 format media preserves 5GB, whereas 3592 squeezes up to 20GB.

Greater compatibility

Capacity and compatibility of 3592 were enhanced significantly. With TS1120 drive, the I.T staff can copy 700GB information at the fastest 104MB/s data rate. Tape devices based on 35 and 34 Enterprise series were engineered by IBM. Other high performance brands are Sun StorageTek, IBM, Fuji and Imation. 9K series deliver capacities of 20 GB (9840 generation) and 200 GB (9940 generation). Businesses prefer this solution as they are provided more choice in capacity and the greater compatibility of drives enables them to extend their backup operations.

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