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DTF2 Small Cartridge 60GB Tape

Part No.: GW260GS
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: Out of Stock
Features Overview


    DTF is the reliable technology for small industry’s growing needs of space-efficient and economical data backups. Strong GW260GS storage tape from the Sony’s second generation DTF-2 family is the solution to the broad archiving applications.

    Smart formulation

    Sony engineers have improved the overall cartridge strength. Furthermore with innovative ‘Telefile’ technology, the tape can quickly squeeze and extract data files. This small memory chip speeds up file access.

    Base film comprises of MP++, the durable metal particles, which results in uninterrupted performance and reduced noise level.

    Drive compatibility

    In addition to DTF-2, Sony GW260GS media is operational with DIR and DTF 1 drives.


    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Part Number: GW260GS
    Product Name: DTF2 Small Cartridge
    Product Type: DTF Cleaning Tape
    Technical Information
    Storage Capacity: 60GB
    Tape Technology: DTF Tape
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