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DTF1 Small Cartridge 12GB Tape

Part No.: GW240S
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: Out of Stock
Features Overview


    Sony is the innovator of this breakthrough DTF format, which is a smart combination of ‘Metal Particle’ and half-inch tape. This Sony GW240S cartridge delivers high capacity and reliably archives data files. Sony DTF-1 is quality decision for leading professional and business apps.

    • GW240S tape complies with the specifications of ISO/IEC 15731
    • Reliably copy 12GB, and record 2 times larger data volume of 24 GB
    • Longer working life as the upper surface of storage medium is coated with durable lubricant. Moreover, the magnetic particles are formulated with ‘High density alloy’.
    • DTF 1 cartridge meets the requirements of high-speed workstations with its 12Mbps processing speed.

    Additional Information

    Main Specifications
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Product Name: DTF1 Small Cartridge 12GB Tape
    Product No: GW240S
    Storage Capacity: 12 GB(Native)
    Tape Length: 241 m
    Recording Method: DTF-1
    Type: Small Cartridge
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