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DTF Tapes

  • DTF Tapes

Every organization requires high performance, state-of-the-art and durable backup system for consistent data flow and fast business operations. DTF is a cutting-edge tape storage format that features helical scan, 12.65mm wide base film and serves the purpose of recording huge data volumes.

Some of the benefits that Sony DTF (Digital Tape Format) users can gain are:

  • The economic conditions of today have led to budget constraints for many businesses. That is why IT managers demand Backup Storage technology which is not only superior in performance but also saves cost. It is the perfect solution for these businesses as it decreases the media replacement cost and operating expense.
  • Ability to backup voluminous data. 42GB compressed for DTF-1 and the next version DTF-2 preserves 200 GB.
  • It provides more storage choice, while delivering fast speed . 12Mbps offered by first generation and 24Mbps for DTF 2.
  • The tape technology is formulated intelligently by Sony. This is the reliable format for maintaining data integrity in storage area networks and small-range systems.
  • Fastest data rate and highest media durability in small segment.

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