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    Maxell DLT III XT Data Cartridges 15/30 GB
    In Stock
    $33.00 / $32.85
  • THXKE01

    Quantum DLT-III XT 15/30GB Tape
    In Stock
  • 26112092

    Fuji DLT III XT Data Cartridges 15/30 GB
    In Stock
  • THXKE-01

    Quantum DLT-III-XT Backup Tape 15/30GB
    In Stock
  • DL3XTTK87

    Sony DLT III XT Data Cartridges 15/30 GB
    In Stock

Items 1 to 5 of 5 Items

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Intelligent attributes of DLT-III format were enhanced in the DLT-III XT version while providing the excellent compactness.

Enhanced DLT drive compatibility and media durability

DLT III XT media tapes from the globally renowned Maxell, Quantum and HP brands operate with remarkable range of DLT 8000,7000, 4000 along with 2000XT drives. In addition, the SCSI-2 interface has further accelerated processing speed of all these drive units.

  • 5GB higher capacity than prior version has resulted in native 15GB/ compressed 30GB.
  • Fastest writing speed reaches 1.5Mb/s.
  • Ideal specifications for midrange networks and demanding needs of small sector.
  • Durability of these cartridges surpasses other rival media as the tape manufacturers test their performance and quality before they are released.
  • Comprehensive product line and the choice to up-grade your system while enjoying access to current media.
  • Greater choice of brands.
  • Barcode labels and all accessories for your cartridges including empty cases.